Jeff: "After [Maggot], Will and I were in the Cranberry Life Cycle, which was our little 4-track pop thing we had going when we were about 19, I think. It was basically just us trying to find our voice. We'd dropped out of school and had moved into a little shack of a place with this really obnoxious alcoholic slob who left smashed televisions and garbage all over the house. We were desperate to be out on our own so we moved in there and started recording, just putting sounds together and seeing what happened." (Ptolemaic Terrascope article, September 1996)

Robert Schneider: "Will and Jeff used to record together under the name Cranberry Lifecycle when they lived in Ruston and first moved to Athens, before Will moved out to Denver. I swear to god these Cranberry Lifecycle recordings were mind-blowing, and really inspired my recordings. This is some of the best shit to ever come out of Elephant 6 EVER, loose and spontaneous and catchy and surreal lo-fi perfection. I donít know if these recordings are available as bootlegs, but I certainly hope they are. If not I hope Will and Jeff will one day release them because this is really fun stuff.

"When Cranberry Lifecycle became a live band they changed their name to The Synthetic Flying Machine. Then Bill Doss moved to Athens and joined the band, and they changed their name to The Olivia Tremor Control. After they recorded their first EP Jeff quit the band and roamed the country making lovely four-track recordings. Bill and Will kept recording. The Olivia Tremor Control expanded in girth and the rest is mystery." (circa 2005)