While Jeff Mangum was never really a full-fledged member of Elf Power, there's no denying a close relationship. In fact, Jeff dated member Laura Carter for several years. He has also appeared on at least three of the band's records, plus he and/or Neutral Milk Hotel has combined forces on stage with Elf Power several times, even performing a full set together as one band.

Recently, Nov 17, 2005, Jeff made a rare public appearance when he guested at an Elf Power show at the Knitting Factory in New York. He sang on the last verse of "The Arrow Flies Close." A lucky  crowd member would later say, "Strangely enough, there was little to no fanfare (unlike when he sang with otc in august) and most of the audience didnt seem to know or care who he was. it was a fairly small show, and jeff didnt seem particularly nervous or unsure of himself like he did at the otc show. he seemed very impassioned though, and laura carter was beaming the whole time."