I don't know much about this one, but in Orange Twin's bio of Jeff Mangum, they mention his involvement with this project. The Flicker Theatre in Athens, Georgia holds showings of vintage silent films, and the Flicker Orchestra plays live accompaniment.

So where can you watch movies and guzzle some brew? There's the Flicker Theatre & Bar located on Washington St., just a few steps away from the 40 Watt. It's a tiny hole-in-the-wall of a theater, but that's indie right? With wooden chairs, scratchy prints and random factoids tossed out by the projectionist, this place is for only the most dedicated filmgoer. Flicker has varied throughout the years in its involvement in the film scene, going through many ups and downs. Some of the biggest successes have included the Flicker Orchestra, which provides live music for classic silent films, as well as non-competitive showcases of the works of local filmmakers. Flicker is essentially the only outlet for local filmmakers to show off their stuff, and for that it should be commended. (Flagpole Magazine)