Jeff has played many shows going under neither a band name nor an alias. Most often, it's just him and a guitar, playing Neutral Milk Hotel songs. The distinction between a Jeff Mangum show and a Neutral Milk Hotel show is often blurry, especially if other NMH members join Jeff at one of his solo performances. It might help to avoid confusion by just considering any show featuring Jeff playing NMH songs as a NMH show, for all intents and purposes, even if it technically wasn't billed as such. A similar point of argument can be made on Jeff Mangum songs vs. NMH songs. For example: the song "Little Birds", which Jeff played solo, but never with a band. The way I see it, if it's a song that Jeff wrote, might as well consider it a Neutral Milk Hotel song, rather than nitpick. Recall that the song "Sailing Through" was never played as a band, but it's on NMH's Beauty cassette, thereby making it a NMH song.