A&E Melody

Rough demo on the Invert Yourself a Shortcake cassette. As evident by the "lyrics," Jeff recorded it so that he wouldn't forget a new song idea he had just come up with, late one night. As far as I know, however, nothing else became of the idea, and no other recordings of the song are known.

Also Known As
"You Can Deny All Your Addictions" (mislabel)

Invent Yourself a Shortcake
various bootleg "rarities" collections


You can deny all your addictions
da da da da da
do do de de do
la la la la la la la
That's how the melody goes
It's on tape so I won't forget it
'Cause I'm a pretty weird guy
And I probably won't remember it
'Cause it's currently 2:30 in the morning
And I'm smoking cigarrettes
And I just came up with this melody and wrote some lyrics
And I think it's gonna turn into a song
So I guess I'll just put it on a tape
But then again these tapes cost me two dollars
And I'm wasting more space than I should
So I'll shut up

(As with many lyrics in this section, these are unconfirmed/unofficial. Please write in if you think you've found a mistake.)

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