A Baby For Pree

Sister song of "Where You'll Find Me Now", sharing the same melody.

There are, for example, songs [on On Avery Island] that sound identical but which somehow remain distinct and independent, like an artist working on the same portrait in pastels and then in oils. "A Baby For Pree" and "Where You'll Find Me Now" are twins aside from being lyrically distinct and separated at birth by a distorted Casio keyboard and tape loop instrumental stanza, the first of which was the last song written for the album (when the friend named in the title became pregnant) and the second being a lament to unrequited lust: "The scent of you sweating smells good to me / as long as keep in our clothes . . . and out in the dark the world is still rolling / kids in their cars, cigarette smoking . . .", closing with an allegorical ice-cream van jingle that echoes lost childhood and innocence.
- Phil McMullen, Ptolemaic Terrascope, September 1996

On Avery Island - album version
Jittery Joe's - acoustic live version
various bootlegs - live version


The song has been played live several times. Live versions always seem to extend the album version, with many additional lyrics, some of which borrowed from "Where You'll Find Me Now", effectively creating somewhat of a medley of the two songs. It would appear that the version of "A Baby For Pree" on the album is not a fully realized incarnation of the song. The above quote from Ptolemaic Terrascope identifies it as being the last song Jeff wrote for Avery Island, so it must not have had as long of a gestation period relative to other songs he may have had kicking around for a while. It's interesting to note that the song was never (or rarely, if ever) performed in its original, dare I say, "unfinished" form, as featured on the record. Additionally, "Where You'll Find Me Now" was never (or rarely, if ever) performed live at all, apart from the few lines that ultimately made it into to "extended" section of "Pree". This eventually arrived at version is sometimes referred to by the title "Glow Into You".


Blistering Pree, all smiling and swollen
Makes babies to breathe
With their hearts hanging open all over the sheets
As soft as beets in some brown dresser drawer
And with bees in her breath and the rest of her ringing
They'll sting through her chest with a force hard and beating
Till wonderfully wet she will get
Until she's soaked inside her clothes
And there is no sorry to be sorry for
For a roll around the floor some afternoon so sound and soft
It made her swallow all her sweat
With every bit of breath she coughs
And when the day it came to pour all her babies
All across the bathroom floor
She will be swimming in them all forever more

Additional Lyrics {variations of which are found in most live versions. These are unconfirmed.}

Glow right into you
I will glow right into you
I will glow right into you
And I let you down
Swollen and small is where you'll find me now
That silver stripping off
My tongue you're tearing out
And you'll never hear me talk
Glow right into you
I will glow right into you
I will glow right into you
And I will be strong
Strong enough to shout above your voice that's blaring on
Her face is falling out into the dust of what you are
And you'll never hear me talk
Glow right into you
I will glow right into you
I will glow right into you
And in my little fingers
I could make it all crumble
I could make it all over
Before you would even know

Verse C-F
change is E-F (x3) F-G-C

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