I Will Bury You In Time

This otherwise unreleased song appears on the Jittery Joe's CD and a few other bootlegs. It was apparently always performed solo acoustic by Jeff with no band accompaniment.

Jeff would sometimes briefly introduce the song, vaguely explaining its meaning. Here's what he said at one show (4-23-97 Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, VA):

Jeff: Anybody here ever been to San Francisco and been on the cliffs out there? Yeah? It's really beautiful. It's sort of about being there. And also about being down on the beach in San Diego and being in a hole. Sort of the fantasy of it is you're in a hole with a rock star and you're making out.

guy in crowd: Which one?

Jeff: Pick any one. (laughs)

Jittery Joe's - live version
various bootlegs - live version

Played occasionally in 1997. Seldom in 1996 and 1998.

Lyrics (unconfirmed)

I will bury you in time
When the sea begins to slide
Into this hole where I am smiling on your shoulder
You have buried my beliefs
Where all you sisters sleep
But their sense the purity will leave
When their youth is over
Standing in some off October (sometimes "Frozen in some off October")

And I am breathing into you
It makes your features move
And they shimmer like balloons that fly above the ocean
All the world is waiting here
You can hear the children cheer
But they'll need you when you're near
The brink of complete implosion
Crown your king when your life is broken
Everything you are I'm tearing through
Everything you want I'm wanting too
I gave you more than I thought I could ever do
But I will never break you

And if I was the king of all the kids
You'd you hear me singing in my spit
But all you would hear is the shit inside my burnt emotions
I will bury you in time
When the sea begins to slide
Into this hole where you and I will sing our songs unbroken
As the water starts its choking

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