Nothing's Going To Happen

"Nothing's Going To Happen" is listed on Laura Carter's setlist from the New Zealand 2001 show (it's online.. check the link in the bootography).. It's the second song listed, following "Rain", and before Jeff's set as appears on the recording. "Nothing's Going To Happen" is a Tall Dwarfs song (Chris Knox's band). Chris opened the show, so I'm thinking the first two songs were actually the last songs in his set that night, and Laura must've sat in with him on them. Elf Power (Laura's band) has covered the Tall Dwarfs song before (they even named their covers album after it). I know Chris is a huge Beatles fan, so I'd assume "Rain" is the Beatles song. I'm not sure if Jeff played on either song. I probably shouldn't have even included them in this song index. There's a slim chance that Jeff planned to open his set with covers of "Rain" and "Nothing's Going To Happen", but either changed his mind at the last minute, or maybe whoever recorded the set just wasn't able to record those first couple songs.. but I kinda doubt it. It was more likely played by Chris Knox, with Laura and maybe Jeff sitting in.

no known recordings

New Zealand 2/4/01... maybe?



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