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NMH Definitive Discography pt. 2:
with Neutral Milk Hotel tracks

Those Pre-Phylloxera Years
Label: Box Dog Sound
Release Date: 1993
Format: vinyl 7" (cat# BD 005)
Availability: out of print (estimated value $20-30)
Includes: "Ruby Bulbs" by Neutral Milk Hotel
Comments: The version of "Ruby Bulbs" on this release is the same as the one on the Hype City Soundtrack cassette.. Almost. While they are the same recording and both have a few seconds of "Tea-Time" as the intro, the version on Hype City has a 10 second answering machine message interspersed between "Tea-Time" and "Ruby Bulbs" which is not included on the version found on this 7". It should also be noted that the tracklist for this 7" has a typo in the song name, leading it to be erroneously referred to as many times "Rubby Bulbs" afterwards.
Full tracklist: Neutral Milk Hotel - "Ruby Bulbs" / The Mountain Goats - "Faithless Bachant Song" / Duh - "Laugh At Me" (live) / Dosed Bernie - "Various Uses of the Blender" / James Rao - "Lighter" / Socks-off the Leash!! - "Persitalsis"


Amazing Phantom Third Channel
Release Date: 1994
Label: Cher Doll Records (cat#  04-7)
Format: vinyl 7"
Availability: out of print (estimated value $20-30)
Includes: "Up and Over We Go" by Neutral Milk Hotel
Comments: "Up and Over We Go" is of course an early version of "King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3". This recording seems to be the same version as appears on the Invent Yourself a Shortcake demo tape (there titled "Synthetic Flying Machine"), though it is missing the organ intro from that version. There is an insert included with text written by Jeff Mangum. Pictures: insert, back cover, record
There is also a rare edition of this record that comes in a handmade collage jacket, with (perhaps) each one being unique. Pictures from one of them: front, back, inserts (thanks to Chris Gilbert for the scans).. if you have another one of these, please let me know if yours looks different.
Full tracklist: Paste ("Nickels"), Neutral Milk Hotel ("Up and Over We Go"), Crayon ("Too Much Sugar") and Watercolor Sunset ("Hollywood Decay").


Periscope: Another Yoyo Compilation
Release Date: 1994
Label: yoyo
Format: CD and LP (cat# YOYO-03)
Availability: in print (Amazon)
Includes:  "Bucket" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:10
Comments: Seems to be the same version as found on the Beauty demo tape. Jeff has said of this recording: "I'm not very happy with because it was recorded in a studio and doesn't sound like me, it's sort of... unfinished. I think everyone has to record at least once outside of their typical environment and realize you can't just walk in and expect things to turn out the way you wanted."



Yoyo A GoGo '94
Release Date: 1994
Label: Yoyo
Format: CD and LP (cat# YOYO-04)
Availability: in print (Amazon)
Includes: "Love You on a Tuesday" (live) by Neutral Milk Hotel - 1:56
Comments: This live version of "Love You on a Tuesday" (AKA "Tuesday Moon".. apparently mislabeled here) is unavailable elsewhere, as far as I know. It was taken from the band's performance at the 1994 Yoyo A Go Go Festival in Olympia, Washington. There's not really any crowd noise in the recording, so it doesn't really sound live. The CD also features live tracks from the likes of Beck, the Halo Benders, Heavens To Betsy, and Versus.



Champagne Dancing Party
Release Date: May 1995
Label: Cher Doll Records
Format: vinyl 7" (cat# 005)
Availability: out of print (estimated value unknown. The only time I've ever seen it for sale, it ended on eBay at $107, but that copy included a little personal note from Jeff to a guy named Steve, so that must've inflated the final bid.)
Includes: "Invent Yourself a Shortcake" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 1:41
Comments: This song has nothing to do with the demo cassette by the same name. It's a live on-stage recording, taken from an improvisation done by Jeff Mangum (guitar & yelping) and Will Westbrook (sax) with Will Hart (drums and screeching) and Bill Doss (bass) of the Olivia Tremor Control. The sound quality of the track is quite awful. If you found the mp3, you might think you just got a bad mp3, but no, that's what it sounds like! The 7" was apparently a numbered limited edition, though I'm not sure how many were pressed (at least 136). More pictures: sleeve front (bigger), sleeve back, insert front (text), insert back (pic) (thanks to Sean), and here're pics from the aforementioned eBay auction (thanks to Chris Gilbert, winner of that auction) front, back, insert, back of insert, record, note by Jeff to some guy named Steve (This might actually be from Jeff Smith, a guy who worked at Cher Doll, not Jeff Mangum, but hard to say). Notice different colors of paper were used for the insert and sleeve.. ooh, exciting bits of fanboy trivia!
Full tracklist: Beanpole- You're Flying, Sno Boy- Something Special (Fuzzy Mix), Names For Pebbles- Imaginary Friend, Orange Cake Mix- 2CU, New Bad Things- Rasputing Lover, Stuffd Bear- I'm Just A Stufed Toy With No Self Esteem, Neutral Milk Hotel- Invent Yourself A Shortcake


Appetite For Swag
Release Date: 1995
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD (cat# FIRECD48)
Availability: out of print (quite hard to find, but since the track isn't rare, I doubt it's worth much)
Includes: "Everything Is" by Neutral Milk Hotel
Comments: Compilation put out by Fire Records including "Everything Is", taken from the single they released.


Master Pete Capitol and his Magic EP (Ptolemaic Terrascope No. 21)
Release Date: 1996
Label: Ptolemaic Terrascope
Format: vinyl 7" (cat# POT 21)
Availability: out of print (estimated value $20-30)
Includes: "untitled" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 1:19
Comments: The track, an untitled instrumental, is unavailable elsewhere, and not to be confused with the untitled track on Aeroplane.. totally different song. Ptolemaic Terrascope is (was?) a UK music magazine. This hard-vinyl 7" EP was included with issue #21 (September 1996).
Full tracklist: The Hampton Grease Band - Upper And Lower Dresden, Neutral Milk Hotel - Untitled, Tom Rapp - Blind



The Basement Tapes, Volume Two: Live Underground
Release Date: 1997
Label: KSPC
Format: CD (cat# KSPC 02)
Availability: in print (KSPC store)
Includes: "Glue" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:30
Comments: This is a CD compiling various highlights recorded live on air at KSPC studios. "Glue" is a Gerbils cover (Scott Spillane's band), recorded June 1996 for KSPC Radio, a station out of Claremont, California. Though credited to Neutral Milk Hotel, this recording could pretty much be considered the Gerbils featuring Jeff Mangum on backing vocals.


Audio CD-29
Release Date: February 1997
Label: Audio Magazine
Format: CD 
Availability: out of print (estimated value $5-10)
Includes: "Naomi" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 4:53
Comments: This is a compilation CD that came free with the February 1997 issue of Audio Magazine, a Greek music magazine.



I Wouldn't Piss On It If It Was On Fire
Release Date: 1998
Label: Fire
Format: CD (cat# 63)
Availability: out of print (Amazon)
Includes: "Everything Is" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:37
Comments: This double disc sampler released by Fire Records in the UK includes the regular version of "Everything Is". The CD has also been reissued as a single disc, but the NMH track is excluded on that version.



9 O'Clock In The Morning
Release Date: 1998
Label: Blue Rose
Format: CD (cat# BRRC 10212)
Availability: out of print, promo only (estimated value $10-20)
Includes: "Oh Comely" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 8:18
Comments: Six track sampler CD sent out by Blue Rose Records, a small London-based label, to people signed up on their mailing list. In addition to NMH's contribution (just the album version, by the way), the CD features songs by The Olivia Tremor Control ("Green Typewriter Suite" -- a 26-minute extract from Dusk At Cubist Castle), Tim Keegan and the Homer Lounge, Ventilator, Richard Davies, Jimm and the Boxes. Blue Rose has since gone bankrupt. (thanks to Rob Wilde for sending in the scan.)


More Than You Can Ask Or Imagine
Release Date: 1998
Label: Blue Rose Records
Format: CD (cat# BRRC 1001682)
Availability: out of print, promo only (estimated value $10-20)
Includes: "Oh Comely" (live) by Neutral Milk Hotel - 6:16
Comments: This promo sampler from Blue Rose includes an exclusive version of "Oh Comely" recorded live at the 1997 Terrastock Festival (4/26/97 at the Rogue Lounge in Providence, RI), which is an annual benefit for Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine.



Oh, Merge: Merge Records 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
Release Date: July 6, 1999
Label: Merge
Format: CD (cat# 29461) 
Availability: in print (Amazon)
Includes: "Engine" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:13
Comments: Same version as the b-side of the Holland, 1945 vinyl single.




Songs for Summer
Release Date: February 8, 2000
Label: Oglio
Format: CD (cat# 86959)
Availability: out of print (Oglio, Amazon)
Includes: "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:23
Comments: Same version as appears on the album of the same name. This is a 15-track compilation of alt-rock artists in tribute and honor of Summer Brannin, a 21-year old kidney cancer victim from San Diego who passed away in 1999. This album was created by her boyfriend Adam Gimbel, who started a charity in memory of Summer. All artists on the album were favorites of hers and everyone appearing on the record donated 100% of their payments and royalties. Neutral Milk Hotel was Summer's last favorite group, who dedicated a song to her in concert just before she passed away.



Orange Twin Records Sampler
Release Date: 2002
Label: Orange Twin
Format: CD (cat# 17)
Availability: in print (Orange Twin, Amazon)
Comments: Jeff Mangum is all over this sampler of previously released tracks from Orange Twin.
 1. "Everything Is" performed by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:41
 2. "Nothing's Going to Happen" performed by Elf Power - 5:41
 3. "Weeping Soul" performed by BP Helium - 4:35
 4. "10000 Years Old" performed by Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't - 4:04
 5. "Battle of Electricity" performed by Gerbils - 3:14
 6. "Sister City" performed by Great Lakes - 2:38
 7. "Ginger" performed by Lovers - 4:23
 8. "The Eggleston Guide" performed by Goodship - 3:44
 9. "Last Ditch Protocol" performed by Elyse Weinberg - 2:43
10. "Song for Thomas" performed by Instruments - 5:57
11. "I Love How You Love Me" (live at Jittery Joe's) performed by Jeff Mangum - 2:27
12. "Live to Win" performed by Je Suis France - 5:12
13. "Life Form" performed by Major Organ - 3:56
14. "Dirty Dick" performed by ZummZumm - 2:14
15. "Drunk N' High" performed by Boom Box 2000 - 2:15
16. Orange Twin Field Works, Vol. 1 [excerpt] - 3:28


Old Enough to Know Better
Release Date: July 13, 2004
Label: Merge
Format: CD (cat# MRG250)
Availability: out of print (Amazon)
Includes: "Song Against Sex" by Neutral Milk Hotel - 3:40
Comments: A low-priced 3 disc set commemorating the 15th anniversary of Merge Records. The collection leads off with a NMH track, and also includes a song from The Music Tapes (Julian's band) among its 61 tracks. The first two discs consist of previously released material, with the third being reserved for unreleased stuff (unfortunately, there's no such NMH track). All proceeds went to the Future of Music Coalition.


Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox
Release Date: December 8, 2009 (MP3), February 23, 2010 (CD)
Label: Merge
Format: CD
Availability: CD (Amazon, Merge), mp3s (Amazon, Merge)
Includes: "Sign The Dotted Line" by Jeff Mangum - 2:10
Comments: Marking the first new song Jeff put out in quite some time, he contributed the track "Sign The Dotted Line" to Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox. Earlier in 2009, it was announced Jeff would have a track on the tribute album benefitting Chris Knox, but then the tracklist was posted and it seemed Jeff didn't get his submission in before the deadline, sadly. So it was a pleasant surprise when the album became available in December 2009 via digital download and his track was indeed featured. "Sign The Dotted Line" was written by Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate and first appeared on the Tall Dwarfs album Weeville (1990). - The Carrot Flower Kingdom
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