This unreleased Neutral Milk Hotel song was probably recorded around 1993. It came to light circa 2004 with the other "Unreleased Demo #2" tracks when they mysteriously popped up online. Since no title was given, fans referred to it as "I Bring Jennifer". It was later confirmed to be simply titled "Jennifer" and showed up on Shannon's Monroe House Demos. There, it was basically the same version, but in slightly better quality, plus it included one additional line that was omitted from the already circulating version ("I bring Jennifer oatmeal"). The song sticks out against typical NMH material in that it's a happy pop song with a lot of bluesy guitar work.

By the way, the song was not written for the same Jennifer as "Three Peaches", as Shannon confirmed that it predates when the two met. And it's probably also not about Gennifer Flowers, the woman who in 1992 claimed she had a twelve-year affair with Bill Clinton... although that would be silly if it was.

Unreleased Demo #2
Shannon's Monroe House Demos

No known live performances.


I bring Jennifer flowers
I bring Jennifer cupcakes
I bring Jennifer snow cones
I bring Jennifer yard rakes

And we dance in the leaves
That go up to our knees
And I cough and I sneeze
Lonely for Jennifer

I bring Jennifer oatmeal
I bring Jennifer wine
I bring Jennifer apple peels
For that's all that she needs for a good time

And we put on our pants
And we sing and we dance
And the sun wanders past
Above me and Jennifer

I bring Jennifer sailboats
And Jennifer brings me the sky
We swim through a sea of artichokes
Awaiting the day that we'll die

The trumpets will blow
And the water will flow
And a flower will grow
Above me and Jennifer

Jennifer (la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)

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