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The holy grail of Neutral Milk Hotel bootlegs? I had heard about a fabled performance by Jeff Mangum in New Zealand in 2001 where he took a brief respite from reclusion for one night to once again perform NMH songs.. his only show in the past several years. Fans can only hope Jeff decides to return to performing one day, but as it stands, the New Zealand show is regarded as the final Neutral Milk Hotel performance.
Being a somewhat obsessed NMH fan and bootleg collector, it was a dream of mine to find a recording of the show, though I didn't have much faith in that ever happening.
...So words can't express my exhilaration when I was finally able to track it down. And not only did I find a recording of it, but an amazing quality soundboard recording.. probably the best sounding NMH bootleg I've heard!
Now I'm offering it on CD here to help support the site.


Neutral Milk Hotel - When It All Caved In
live rarities & final show

Various NMH live rarities
1. Worms In The Wind (4/3/98 Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans, LA)
2. Through My Tears / Goldaline (8/9/97 Seven South, Denver, CO)
3. Someone Is Waiting (8/9/97 Seven South, Denver, CO)
4. Avery Island / April 1st (7/30/98 The Bug Jar, Rochester, NY)
5. April 8th (10/5/96 Other Music, New York, NY)
6. Song For Ché (9/18/98 Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg, Sweden)
7. All The Colors of the Rainbow (4/25/97 Knitting Factory, New York, NY)
8. You've Passed / unknown ["You've Passed Pt. 2"] (7/23/96 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati, OH)
9. Through My Tears / Goldaline / unknown ["Now There Is Nothing"] (5/2/97 Rathskeller, Madison, WI)

February 4, 2001 King's Arms, Auckland, New Zealand (last known NMH performance)

World of Wild Beards Incorporated (Jeff Mangum solo, with Laura Carter on some songs)
10. Two-Headed Boy
11. I Love How You Love Me
12. Song Against Sex
13. King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1
14. King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3
15. Everything Is
16. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
17. Ghost
18. Oh Comely
19. Engine
20. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
21. World of Wild Beards explanation [Jeff speaks]
22. Mother [John Lennon cover] (with Chris Knox)

I'm offering out copies of this CD as a fundraiser for this site. The "suggested donation" for a CD is $10.

To order a copy, just PayPal me at with "NMH TX dvd" as the subject, or email me and I can email you an invoice.

I really love this CD, and I'm sure other fans will, too. None of the tracks are sourced from mp3s, so no sound quality is sacrificed (though some of the various bonus track rarities are a bit rough sounding). The New Zealand show is, again, excellent quality, and a beautifully intimate performance with Jeff connecting with the audience incredibly. Hopefully it doesn't mark the last the world hears from NMH, but if it is, I'm sure you'll agree it's a fitting farewell.

 Here are some things people have been saying about the CD:

Amazing! Thanks, Gavin. Those bonuses (boni?) are nice to have, too. A great collection.

Thanks! Really awesome stuff. I'm really glad to have this final performance. Sort of makes things more bearable.

thanks a lot for this show defgav. it really is something else. i love the version of "song against sex". good stuff. this is some essential listening.
-call me hi

It really is quite fantastic. Different from all the other live shows of NMH that I have. You can really feel that Jeff had been through a lot with his nervous breakdown and all by listening to the show. The songs sound a bit darker and.....more mature? A bit more somber? It was quite fitting that they covered a song off Plastic Ono Band, "Mother" fits in very well with the whole mood of the show; sounds Jeff exhibts some of the same emotions in performing those songs as John did in Plastic Ono Band. Anyways, it's really great. You should all get the cd. Thanks alot defgav!

after listening to it, id have to say this is as essential as aeroplane for any fan of nmh. thanks again.

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