Maggot                             N E U T R A L   M I L K   H O T E L                     Alfred Snouts                                   Orange Twin Field Works
                milk                   Synthetic Flying Machine                 A Hawk and a Hacksaw                  Jefferson Mangum               The Flicker Orchestra
                        Cranberry Life Cycle             Olivia Tremor Control                Jeff Mangum                       Walking Wall of Beards, Incorporated

     Apples In Stereo                        The Music Tapes           Korena Pang                    Major Organ and the Adding Machine          Tall Dwarfs
                              The Clay Bears                     Curse of the Seven Jackals                 Circulatory System                The Instruments
                    Elf Power           Of Montreal            the black swan network                 Thimble Circus             Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't